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Light Duty Wrecker Service












Light duty wrecker service invloves many things.  With a light duty wrecker we can tow your vehicle to the nearest mechanic or body shop, or we can come up to the mountains and get you out of a sticky situation.  A lot of times your vehicle will go off the road, get stuck in the mud or snow, or just need a little help.  This is when we use our light duty wreckers. 


During recoveries our drivers are experts in assessing the situation and getting your vehicle back on the road.  We take pride in treating your car or truck just like we treat ours.  Our main goal is to try and do no more damage to the vehicle than is already done to it.  We use whatever tools necessary to make sure the recovery goes as smoothly as possible.  This includes snatch blocks, chains and sometimes saws and axes to clear the way.



You can rest assured that your vehicle will be on the road as soon as possible when our light duty wrecker shows up on scene.


Schaffers Towing light duty wrecker service
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