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Schaffer's Towing Services

Schaffer's Towing offers towing for just about any type of vehicle you can think of.  Our fleet consists of many different types of trucks specialized for each job.  With Schaffer's Towing you won't have to wait for two or three hours to get a driver dispatched to your location.  We pride ourself on being there for you when you need us.  Check out our services below to learn more about each kind of job and what we use to get that job done.

Schaffer's Towing heavy duty recovery
Schaffer's Towing light duty wrecker
Light Duty Wrecker

​​0-16,000 lbs GWV (Gross Vehicle Weight)

Schaffers Towing Medium Duty Wrecker
Medium Duty Wrecker

​16,0001-50,000 lbs GVW

Schaffers Towing Heavy Duty Wrecker

Heavy Duty Wrecker
50,001-80,000 lbs GVW

Schaffers Towing Rollback Service
Rollback Service

​​0-16,000 lbs GVW

Schaffers Towing Motorcycle Towing service
Motorcycle Towing Service

​From 50cc to Harley's.​

Schaffers Towing Jumpstarts and lockouts
Jump Starts and Lockouts

Anytime, Anywhere​

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