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Schaffers Towing Rollback Service

Rollback Service


Rollbacks are the trucks that Schaffer's Towing uses the most.  With six rollbacks lisenced and on the road, there will always be one available for your vehicle.


Probably the most versatile trucks of the fleet, rollbacks are used to haul vehicles for all situations.  Chances are that when you call us to tow your vehicle to the shop, we will show up in one of these.  Rollbacks have the advantage of being able to roll the vehicles up on the bed of the truck.  After the vehicle is secured on the bed the vehicle is transproted to the destination without ever touching the road.  This is the best means for transporting all-wheel drives, low profile vehicles, and anything you want babied.


We use rollbacks to unload show cars off transport trucks, haul equipment, and move sheds.  We can even haul your motorcycle, four wheeler, or anything else with these trucks. 


In a pinch, we can even do recoveries and roll overs with the rollbacks.


You probably have seen these trucks on the road more than anything we own.  Next time you see one, wave at the driver.  We will try to wave back.

Schaffers Towing Rollback Service
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